Monday, May 3, 2010

Cooler Coolest - update

Got Amber's great reproduction decals for the Thermaster cooler in today's mail and I had to drop everything and get them on the cooler.  Here's the final result, I think it looks awesome.  I can't thank you enough Amber, now this baby's ready to cool some beverages for another 50 years.

Since she sent me an extra set, I'm going to put this red cooler back to original condition once I find a close match for the red paint.

I get a real charge out of giving new life to something that's been used pretty hard like these coolers.  Thanks again Amber, I heart your work!


  1. We love Amber, and her work made your cooler the coolest! Wonderful!

  2. Man, that turned out so stellar! Be sure to clear coat it. Maybe on the red one you can try the stencil versions, if it doesn't turn out as good as the stickers, just sand and repaint and use the 2nd batch of sticker. I'm glad you like it and it was my pleasure to help!

  3. Thanks, it has the best graphics doesn't it?