Saturday, March 6, 2010

Have Lunch Will Travel

OK, so when I was really really into buying and selling lunchboxes, I came up with my ebay handle "Pailotin".  At the time I thought it was pretty clever, since lunchboxes sometimes were call lunch pails made of tin (yea, I know they're steel, so sue me), and one of my favorite lunchboxes was tied to the Paladin "Have Gun Will Travel" TV show.  Yea, corny, but I like it.

So, my business card was going to have this homemade graphic, the slogan Have Lunch Will Travel, and my name and contact info.  If you've never seen the show, the hired gun Paladin had a business card with his handle and the HGWT slogan.   I never did pursue the buying/selling thing as planned, but I did acquire the Paladin lunchbox. I have managed to collect the thermoses for most of the boxes I own,so I busted out the thermos for these photos, but I usually keep the thermos inside the box on display just to save space.


  1. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! WOW! What a trow-back. Absolutely Fantastic! Just like the one I had. I also had the whole gun and holster outfit, with the deringer behind the belt buckle and a wallet with the business cards. I think it all came from Sears. Thanks very much Uncle Atom, it definitely is a memory rush. All is appreciated, Richard.

  2. It's funny how a thing you had as a kid holds such powerful memories. I have been putting together a 1966 Ideal Batman utility belt for years because it was my favorite toy as a kid. Glad you enjoyed it Richard.