Sunday, October 4, 2009

What else? Iron legs

I've been looking for a chair small enough to fit (and fit in) on our front porch, and a couple months ago at my favorite close-by flea market I scored this pair of wrought iron chairs.

They had the look and their footprint looked small enough to fit and not block the front door.  And the price was right!  They fit perfectly, but we realized quickly that we needed a small table.  So last month, a different vendor at the same flea market had this table.  While the legs weren't really appealing, the mesh was a match for the mesh in the chairs.  I got the table cheap because it was rusty  and flecking paint from a poor rattle can job.  A half hour with a wire brush attachment on my power drill, some sanding, primer and paint, and we  had a matching table that just fits between the chairs.  I love flea markets!!

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