Sunday, August 28, 2011

Picnic basket, Seventies style

Well we survived Hurricane Irene with little more than some small tree limbs coming down, and a brief period where I had to dig a couple of troughs to draw water away from a corner downspout when I noticed a little water seeping into the basement.

Preparing for the storm, weathering the storm, and fixing a couple of boring things around the house left me pretty tired, so progress updates on some of my projects will have to wait.

However, here's a recent pickup you might like.

It's an all-in-one plastic picnic basket. You squeeze a little tab at the bottom of the white handle and the handle slips through a slot that connects the lid to the base, and inside are your plates, cups, and utensils.

It came from an antique mall in Buckhannon, WV, just down the street from that Dairy Queen I posted about a few weeks ago.  And strangely, in another booth in the same store was a yellow one just like this.

From the styling I'm guessing this dates to the early 1970s,  It's marked Ingrid Chicago.  I did a quick search and found one just like it listed on ebay.  I bought it for the color since it goes great with the colors in our Shasta camper.

Have a good week, and hopefully I'll be able to post soon about some progress on one or two things.


  1. I have passed up a couple of these because they were white and I do not want a white set. Then I SAW a red one and held off purchasing it cause the next day was a 50% off sale at the store. Well wouldn't you know it I saw a lady grab it off the shelf just as I was walking in the door. *BOOOOO* lol
    But I really like yours! Very nice score. I hope you have alot of delighful picnics with your picnic ball set. =D

  2. I remember those well! They were the rage even in the 80's. I think we had a white one, kinda boring!

  3. Both those brink back some memories. My aunt Helen used to have that exact set, and whenever we would go to their stocked pond to fish for rainbow trout, she would have it packed and we would have deviled ham & Egg salad sandwiches & Pork & beans!

  4. Glad you all approve. I'll have to see how much food would actually fit inside this thing

  5. Yes! I have an orange one! We call it "The Orb" it comes camping with us every time. It will come in really handy in the Shasta. Good find!