Sunday, August 21, 2011

Local estate sale followup - no sofa, but another chair and a coffee table

Saturday morning I decided to go back to the estate sale where I bought the steel cabinets, typewriter, and folding tray tables on Friday.  I had one particular item I wanted to get, so I arrived right after the sale opened at 9 am. This was near the shed where I found the Youngstown cabinets, and the only reason I didn't buy the chair then was I had no more room in the car.

This outdoor steel rocking chair was marked $3 on Friday, and with 25% off on Saturday, this was a true bargain and I saved 75 cents by waiting!

I've never had one of these, but I'm pretty experienced removing old paint from metal and prepping it for new paint.  I didn't get any shots before I started stripping it, but it was painted green and like a lot of these old chairs it had several coats of old paint underneath.

I found a few rust holes in the legs and one in the arm, so those need fixing.  This was the worst damage.

Maybe that's why it was priced so cheap.

I'll post more about this chair as the work progresses.  (Link to Part 2)

So after I paid for the chair, I went back into the garage to look over the Kroehler sofa some more.  I had been thinking if I got it I could simply replace the seat cushion foam - but after looking it over more closely, the cushion fabric didn't have zippers installed, so the only way to get the old lumpy cushion pieces out would have been to cut the fabric or try to get zippers installed.  Now I really doubt that 60-year-old fabric would be workable for installing zippers. So, I decided to forget the sofa.  Sorry Sara, I can't bring everything home.  I do hope someone got it.

However, I did bring this Lane coffee table home for just $37.50!

That's right, this table was $50 on Friday and no one bought it!

It has some wear but the scratches all look pretty light so I'm hoping I can get this looking good without a ton of effort.

Overall, a good weekend, but now I have more projects to work on.


  1. That is a beautiful table. There was some serious craftmanship put into it. Your chair makes me happy too. I know it will be in capable hands for its new look!

  2. Thanks MCM
    Thanks Amber - I'm probably going to try to refinish the table, not sure what I'll do with it, parts of the UA hacienda are starting to look like a furniture store

  3. That coffee table is GORGEOUS. Good finds, sir! Good finds.

  4. Ok, I'll admit I am kinda depressed about the sofa, but I do understand about not being able to rescue everything. :D I know if you were anywhere near AZ my upholstery guy could totally have put zippers in the cushions for you - cheap. Oh well...

    That rocker is going to be gorgeous once you get done with it!!! And that Lane coffee table for ONLY $37.50!!! I almost cannot believe my eyes! You find the best stuff SO cheap!!! Totally jealous, but SO happy it's in a great home.

    I'm up to my eyeballs in "projects" here, so I can feel your pain on that one. :D

  5. Lisa, thanks, I aim to please
    Sara - thanks for letting me off the hook on that Kroehler sofa, if it had been a sectional I would have done whatever it takes to save it, I've been dying to find one, although I love our sofa/club chair combo. I'll keep looking, that's half the fun. What I really need is to find some kindred spirits who are local to the DC area so we can tip each other off.

  6. LOVE the Acclaim coffee table! My whole living room is done in Acclaim, and I love its gorgeous lines and that big dovetail design on the top. I think you got yourself a pretty good deal there! Congrats!

  7. Thanks Funky, I'd love to see a photo of your living room

  8. Cool coffee table. I picked up the end table of that line for $5 just the other week...was surprised to see others of the set here. Now I have a name to go with it, and I'll start looking for my own set.