Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vintage Eyeglasses for a Unique Look

A couple years ago, after I found out my eye prescription had changed yet again, I was in the market for new eyeglasses.  And honestly, I didn't like any of the glasses available at our health care provider's optometry office.  I checked out a couple more local eyeglass shops, but I couldn't find anything with a vintage look.  So, I turned to the web.  Googling works pretty well if you have the right key words, but it took a while to find an online eyeglass seller that had some mid century styled eyeglass frames.

But I can be pretty stubborn when I'm searching, and eventually I discovered Shuron frames.  These are similar to the vintage style glasses you've probably seen in some retro movies of late.  The father on the Heroes TV series also wore them.  I've been wearing my first set of Shuron Ronsir Revelation frames ever since, and when my prescription changed yet again recently, I went back to the same source and got a slightly different frame, the Shuron Ronsir Zyl.  Both times I used, and got good service, although now that I need bifocals (dang I sound old), the price with lenses was - let's just say, not cheap.

I've been happy with both frames, and I've gotten some compliments on the frames for their unique appearance.  (It's hard to guess what people say about the frames when I'm not around, but then, I don't care.)  To quote fellow blogger Melzaelf over at Vintage Coconut, "Life is too short to blend in with everyone else."  I couldn't agree more!  Check out her blog post on the stylish frames she found online.  And this morning, over at Amber's blog I HEART EVERYTHING, she introduced her friend and new blogging buddy Stephanie, who is sporting a stylish pair of vintage style frames in her photo.
Check out Stephanie's blog and tell her Uncle Atom sent you

I haven't run across any new version of the womens cat eye glasses, but if I do I'll be sure to let you know.  I have to think someone will offer them eventually.  I for one would love to see them come back in style.  Of course, if they did, then us non-blender-inners would have to find something else to wear!

So is anyone else into wearing vintage eyeglasses?


  1. Those look awesome! :) Shuron don't actually make "reproduction" vintage frames, they just never STOPPED making the frames they always have. I have a genuine vintage pair of their frames that they don't make anymore made with 12K gold, though I still need lenses.

  2. Thanks, I didn't realize Shuron had been making the same frames all these years. Those gold frames sound great, you should get those lenses made.

  3. Well hello fellow prescription wearing friend.
    Your glasses look great on you! I really like the "wood grain-ish" look to those revelations.

    Thank you for the shoutout that was a nice little suprise. =D

    I am keeping my eye out on the cat eyes that sell on e-bay hoping I can find a nice pair for a good price. I wouldn't mind just walking around my house in them. *lol*

    I actually found a pair at a thrift but the glass is so thick in them when I put them on I feel like I am gonna fall over. hahah I should take them out and then see how it is. They are not in the BEST condition though..

  4. Before I found the Shurons I was looking for an old pair of frames, but it's hard (at least for me) to find ones that fit properly. The one time I had new lenses put in old frames, they were my Army-issue black plastic BCGs (birth control glasses - named that because at the time they were considered so ugly no girl would have anything to do with you.) The optometry staff warned me they couldn't guarantee they wouldn't damage the frames trying to install the new lenses. I didn't have a problem, but they were not very keen on letting me have my way. I still have those glasses somewhere, I'll have to get a photo.

  5. Thanks for the new eyeglass source. I've been wanting to make a switch to vintage frames, but can't quite give up my Modo's. At least they have a vintage feel to them. I have been looking at this new company:
    They have vintage syle frames and reasonable lenses, though no bifocals yet. I've been wearing bifocals since I was 13, it is a drain on the pocketbook, especially if you want light weight lenses.

  6. I have a vintage cat eye pair that I wear for driving at night. My friend Crystal also has a pair. I'll try and post some photos of her on my blog. She was in my wedding party so I guess look out for wedding photos. There's a few shops in Portland that specialize in vintage glasses and Crown Optical has never broken any of mine.

  7. Monogirl, that Warby Parker site is really cool, thanks for sharing. I'll have to keep watching to see if they add bifocals. I like the philosophy of their business.

    Lauren, I'd love to see those cat eyeglasses.

  8. Ha Ha! Stephanie is oping up everywhere! She was so thrilled to see that she already has followers! Thanks for promoting her too :-) Those frames she wears are real-oldies. She had the lenses swapped with her prescription. They are really something up close, a lot of detail in em! I really like your frames too. The classics never go out of style!