Monday, January 31, 2011

Whitman TV Books part 4

This will be my last post on this subject for a while - I know, some of you are thanking your lucky stars ;-).  I scanned several more book covers, and here are the results.

Yet another Lassie version.

Wrapping up the western themed books, here's another Bonanza.

And here's Zorro, another popular TV series.

Westerns gave way to both spy shows and science fiction shows.  Some lasted longer than others.  Remember The Invaders?  Neither do I.

Sadly, Star Trek got one of the later sketchy illustrations for a cover.

And Land of the Giants.

Patty Duke had a popular show and she got a cover too.

This one puzzles me.  Janet Lennon was a singer on the Lawrence Welk Show.  Kids only watched the Lawrence Welk Show because their parents made them.  Take it from one who knows all about that. I paid as little attention as possible, and usually I left the room until something else came on.  So why would Whitman think that any kids were interested in a book about a kid singer on that show?

And last for this post, a second more rare Munsters book.  Both Munsters books got great covers.


  1. Apparently kids did like the Lennons...or at least parents thought they did...because one finds a lot of the various Lennon products put out by Whitman.

  2. I've posted some Whitman books at my blog including the Zorro one you have here.