Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anyone waiting for a stump-carving update?

So am I !  Since Halloween I've been fighting a cold, the change to standard time (meaning almost no evening light outside), and a stalling chainsaw.  But progress is being made nonetheless.

I'm straying some from the original outline.  How about this mouth?  Remind you of anyone famous?  Maybe I'll call it Troy-ki Tiki-man, or Trangelina Jol-iki.  Hard to tell if it's male or female, that will have to wait a while more.


  1. I HAD been wondering...
    I assumed male but those lips do look quite feminine.
    I tried to come up with a cool name related to Mick Jagger but closest I came was Jaggeriki-tiki which by all accounts is a bit lame.
    (hangs head in shame)

  2. Yea, Jagger is a tough one to combine with tiki. I don't have enough stump to add a tongue either!

  3. This is a monumental project...that will leave your yard with a monument! How cool. I like what ya got so far. Its really coming along! How about Miki Tiki Jagger?