Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today's Flea Finds

Didn't find any incredible deals today, but here's what I got:

Black wrought iron stand, needs de-rusting and fresh paint, but it was only $5.

Channel Master AM radio, battery powered only, no cord.  Guy said it works, for $5 I grabbed it.  He started to polish the top, it needs more wet sanding and finishing, but for now it looks great on the shelf!

Big bunch of vintage Ford keys.  I hope one might fit a lock I have without a key.  $10 for all, so no great loss if they don't work.

Love the chair on this Perry Como album, $1.

Anybody out there have any good finds recently?


  1. My recent sour deals on eBay are making me, well sour lol... So not bothering to really look lately.

    Passed by a couple "yard sales" around here and saw the usual modern junk furniture from Wal Mart and piles of used clothing. In other words, the usual junk people try to sell off around here. =(

    But you got some sweet deals!

  2. I feel bad for you, that's a bad run of luck on ebay for you lately. Any more, I assume the worst and ask questions even if they seem obvious. An amazing number of sellers don't give full descriptions. I bought a cheap aluminum screen door grill, and the seller didn't mention that the whole thing was covered in white spray paint! My fault I guess, should have asked for a better description before bidding. Still, very annoying.

    I see a ton of the sales you see, I tend to do "drive bys" and don't even get out of the car for many.

  3. Oh I love the iron stand and radio.
    Nice finds =)

  4. I flippin love your sea mist radio. Damn skippy. Great finds, as usual, Uncle.

  5. Yeah, from now on, I will email in advance of bidding. Trouble is, either you discover the auction when it will end soon, or the seller never responds.

    I suppose you take your chances in the first case, and skip bidding in the second.

    I never understood sellers who claim: "email me 24 hours prior to auction ending, I don't check my emails often"

    Well, you run a business. If you want to lose business, a sure way to do so is to ignore the questions of your customers.

    I checked for questions right up until my auctions ended when I sold stuff.

  6. Oh man! The teal radio is the bees knees! I have a radio collection! I'll have to post it someday :-) Great finds!