Sunday, August 1, 2010

More on Shadowboxes

One of the things I like most about kitschy atomic furnishings is the shadow box. 

I really like the small shadow box that you can see in the Uncle Atom banner, and we also have a cool wire mesh shadow box, but I still haven't found the over-the-top mirrored shadow box of my dreams.

Until I do, I pine away and sigh frequently, collecting photos of ones I run across and bookmarking online ads even when they're too far away to make shipping possible or realistic.  I may have to try making one some day, but I'm the first to admit that I'm awful at making angled cuts in pieces of wood and even worse at getting those angles to join together and not have an ugly, gaping mess when I'm done.

Anyway, here's a link to a Flickr group I started for mid century shadow boxes.  Feel free to join the other eight of us and add your photos if you have any.


  1. Oh boy, count me in the group that looks... And sighs... But does not own.

    I posted about a small pair of Googie shadow boxes, mint in box, that sold for over $100 on eBay a couple-few months back.


    Other people seem to get these for cheap at yard sales all the time. But not me.


  2. i too have never run across one at a yard sale. I keep holding out... and waiting...

  3. I'll share mine after I get an appropriate photo, she's a BEAUTY!

    ...and don't kill me, but I ran across THREE yesterday during my thrifty adventures & I can't stop thinking about them. Must go back tomorrow & pick at least one up.

  4. That box in your banner is killer, btw!

  5. Three in one DAY?! Wow. If you can post photos on your blog that would be great, Flickr would be even better, I'd love to get the Shadowbox Flickr group full of great examples of these things.

  6. I don't own one either and want one so badly! It's not something that's easily shipped to the UK either, so I either have to find one here, unlikely, find one when I'm over there on vacation, also unlikely, or make one, even more unlikely!!

  7. I've just been reading your blog for the last 20 minutes, and I can't wait to read more! I've come across a couple of really great shadowboxes at garage sales, but I had to pass them by because we live in a teeny house with very little wall space. I still think about the one that I saw at a sale just one block away, for $5....

  8. I got a sweet asian inspired one at an Estate Sale some time ago, I have it up on IHE here:

    Its pretty dang sweet. The paper label on the back says it is from 1958!

  9. ~~Carol~~ - it's hard to pass up deals like that, but we all have to be realistic. If I wasn't I would have a phone booth and a lot of other stuff that I would have nowhere to show off.

    Amber, that one of yours is really unique, I haven't seen one with a vertical orientation like that. Cool stuff!