Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mad Men and Mid Mod Globes

Mad Men continues to be a great TV drama, and of course the show offers wonderful eye candy for the mid-century atomic lover in us all.  I love the great variety of lamps that show up in every weekly episode. My latest discovery through watching is the world globe that appears in Don Draper's office.

I did not know that a version was made with wrought iron legs, but once I knew, I had to have one! (Yes, on one level Mad Men is popularizing the stuff we love and making people think their junk is super valuable.  But the set designers are showing so much variety it's giving even seasoned mid-century atomic lovers exposure to stuff we may not have seen before.)

So, here's the globe I just got off of that auction site.  I hope I'm going to like this one enough that I won't be tempted to buy any more.
Nice legs, huh?

Before I took the plunge, I searched on Etsy.com and turned up a couple good ones, but they were about $40 more than I'm paying for the one I picked up, so it was a relative bargain I guess.  At least that's what I'm telling myself.


  1. Cool globe!

    Hey, check out the gravel art I picked up over the weekend on my blog!!!

  2. Did you spot the TV set on hairpin legs? Cus it was really hot...

  3. A vintage TV on hairpin legs or with slanted spindle wood legs is definitely on my list. An antique mall I visit sometimes in Pa. has a display of old TVs with vintage shows running on a VCR or DVD player. Very cool!

  4. I love globes anyway but don't own one, yours is so cool, now that's the one I want!!

  5. I saw this auction... I almost bid on it... Whew, glad I let you have it lolol... ;)

  6. Oh, snap. I loveeeeee old globes almost as much as I loveeeee old mobiles. Great find, but I suppose saying that is getting to be a broken record.

    Speaking of Mad Men, Uncle, did you know that I am in a contest to win a walk-on on the show?

    I don't suppose you would mind voting for me, once a day until September 17th? Spreading the word? I'd be honored for your vote of confidence!


    Cheers from Chicago!

  7. Hi Darlene, I did vote for you, best of luck, that's a great photo!