Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lawnmower Lust!

I don't know if all you fine folks have checked any of the Favorites links on this here modest little blog, but one that I visit a lot is the Jalopy Journal blog link, and its companion forum, the Hokey Ass Message Board, or H.A.M.B.  It's a hang out focused on traditional hot rods, but topics sometimes range into vintage custom cars and tools and more.  Manly stuff.  :-)

So what's this got to do with atomic. mid-century awesomeness you may be asking?  Well hold on to your hats folks!

Check this out

And this

This is the coolest, most keen, freakiest, GINCHIEST atomic lawnmower I have ever seen!!!  But it gets better. 

I won't try to capture all the before and after photos, but the owner of this fine mid-century machinery has treated it to a FULL AND CUSTOM RESTORATION!  With a little chrome thrown in.

Enjoy the whole 10-plus page thread HERE.  Oh, and if anyone knows where I can find one like this, I'll pay a finder's fee  ;-)  I'm serious on that.


  1. What the what! That looks like a Space Ship, not a grass cutter. BTW, wheres the link?

  2. click on the word here, or just follow this link, you'll be glad you did

  3. Wow I looked through all the finished pics.. IT'S AWSOME!

  4. Holy Mother of PEARL... that thing has Fins! My jaw literally is resting in my lap =O

    I'm feeling so atomic lawnmower deprived right now...

  5. Jeeeeeeze that is soooo cool! And to be able to look at that old rusty lawnmower and see the potential. Bravo!


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