Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sod It! Grass Couch Gone to Seed

Made a run to the big box home store yesterday and picked up some sod.  We used some chicken wire on top of a 2x4 base frame, then used some landscaping cloth on top of that. Added dirt on top of the landscape cloth, then cut the sod to size and slid it in place.  Gave it some water, and now we wait and see if the grass lives, or dies. I'm not wild about the limited area for the grass, may end up pulling out the two small boards on either side of the grass and adding a little more sod.  That can come later though, I've got a lot of other stuff to do and I want to see if the grass will do OK before investing any more time in this project.


  1. If it grows, how do you mow it? I bet the neighborhood cats would like napping on it!

  2. Guess you're too young to remember hand-held scissor grass clippers (?!) A worthy chore I can assign to my teenager and then end up doing myself.