Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day of the Living Dead: Grass Couch Revival

About 8 years ago I saw a photo in an English garden magazine (an impulse buy from the magazine rack at a big box book store).  The photo was small but caught my eye anyway.  It showed an outdoor couch/sofa made of wood and the seating area was covered with plantings.  It gave me the idea for a project (I have those ideas constantly, ask SWMBO, she'll point to dozens of my partially-completed projects! and a few of my completed projects too).

I already had a lot of left over treated lumber from a fence project that I did finish at our old home.  So one weekend I cobbled together what I call a "grass couch".  And I also made a grass coffee table to match it.  I also bought turf and planted it.  And the grass...died.  Tried a second time...and the grass...died.

So, it sat.  And sat.  I moved it with us when we bought our current home in...2005.  And it sat.  SWMBO's patience with me is nearly infinite, I know.  We both love the concept for this thing, and she thinks we can get grass to grow in it yet.  One of the problems I identified was that the arms were too high, making a steep slope from the seat.  No plantings would work there.

Finally, I went back to it, where it has sat unloved, (taunting and poking me every time I cast my eyes on it).  Anyway, I went back to it last weekend and made some cuts to lower the arms and back.  And since I was ready to add the white stain to our front-yard picket fence, I stained the grass couch too.  This morning I cut some boards to fill in gaps and cover up the higher inside angles by the arms.

Pay no attention to the bare spots in the front lawn.  It's on my projects list, OK?

And you know what?  I like it again.  We've picked out a corner of the front yard for it.  Yes, the front yard!  I'll let you know if the neighbors form a posse to come get me, if I can still type after I'm covered with tar and feathers.

Next step, add some grass and hope the third time is the charm.


  1. Very nice! Can't wait to see it planted.

    No worries about the lawn. About 3 years ago Aliens come down and started to pick up spots in my grass for examination on a far and distant planet. No other way to explain the bare spots in MY lawn ha ha ha.

  2. I bet it feels good to be taking the next step in this project; I'm looking forward to seeing it grow, It sounds really neat!

  3. I saw a similar project in Ready Made magazine, many years ago. I like the way it looks right now, as is. Was just the seat supposed to be grass?