Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A word about blog design (or lack thereof)

If you've been visiting here for a while, you've seen some blog formatting changes.  While I have a background in writing, editing, and page layout, my HTML skills and my home software setup are limited.   Which stinks, because I know what I want I just can't get the blog to look that way.

I haven't mentioned the finagling that's been going on with the blog layout and header because it's kinda obvious to repeat visitors and I want to keep the focus on content.  Apologies for this interim period.  I actually have the domain uncleatom.com but I haven't attempted to use it for fear I'll screw everything up!  So please bear with the Uncle as he struggles to make this durn blog cooperate the way it should.

We now return you to your other blog reading.


  1. Love your design!

    I wish there was a way to use more of the "space" left and right on blogs. I've seen others do it, I know html, but don't know blogger html lol...

    As for your website, you can simply have it redirect to your blog, but I bet you knew that already. ;)

  2. Thanks, you're right about blog design challenges. I did get the www.uncleatom.com URL to redirect here, and I'm working on some more improvements to the Uncle Atom header above, mainly trying to get the text areas sharper.