Friday, January 22, 2010

Outside our house

We moved to our current home, a 1958 mostly original rambler, in January 2005.  It has 3 original tile bathrooms and the kitchen is mostly original as well.  I'll have more posts about it but for now, here are some shots of the front of the house and the entry.

This was taken the spring after we moved in.  The mature azaleas give enough cover that we have not hung curtains in the picture window.

One of our favorite rooms is the rear screened porch, again it was basically untouched as far as I could tell when we moved in.  The ceiling of the porch and the adjacent carport are made of tongue and groove redwood.  I have since replaced the wood screen doors that were on the house with period correct aluminum screen doors I salvaged from a tear down.

Our front door is original to the house, but until this year it was solid with no windows.  I bought a kit from Crestview Doors in Texas and cut the holes and added the windows.  The starburst escutcheon is not original, but it really dresses up our door.  The screen door is a modern door, but I have added the aluminum curlicue screen guard from a door I salvaged (that door swung the wrong way and unfortunately would not work for our front entry).  I'd really like to find a source for buying the screen guards but so far I've only found some decorative versions available through Moonshine Shades, but none of their offerings would fit this 36" front door width.

It's hard to capture a good photo of this three dimensional sculpture we have hanging beside our front entry.  We found this on a weekend getaway in West Virginia a couple summers ago.  It wasn't marked for sale at the antique/junk store we stopped at, but I was able to persuade the owner to sell it and got a very fair deal. I think it really adds a nice look to the entryway.


  1. I love your house (and your Mercury's)...can't wait to see more....just curious why did you change the original wood storm doors for the aluminum ones? PAT

  2. Thanks. We kept the wood storm doors for four years, but 1) they are really in bad shape, 2) we had a corgi puppy and if the door didn't latch, she would shoot out the door and we'd have to chase her for an hour to get her back, 3) I really prefer the raw aluminum look and the decorative screen guards. But, I have not tossed the wood doors. If we ever sell, they'll be here for the next owner.

  3. Great house. How lucky to find a beautiful mid century home that hasn't been stripped of it's charm and character. I have enjoyed reading all your previous posts. I see you have a thing for lamps as well. I just can't pass them up. Looking forward to future posts.

  4. Thanks Midcenturymadam, I look forward to reading your blog too.

  5. wow..what a great house. I really love the front door & sculpture! I have a (similar)shadow box mirror with atomic angles. I'll have to take a photo of it to share.

    p.s.Great blog!

  6. Thanks Leah, I do love the variety of shadow boxes out there. I have my eye on another one about 70 miles from me, may have to go get it soon if it's still available.